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The founders of NOCCS developed ten principles that anchor and guide our community and its work, and provide a vision to which we aspire. 

  1. Respect for Children and their Learning

  2. High Expectations

  3. A Caring Community of Learners

  4. Valuing Diversity

  5. Connections to the World

  6. Commitment to Equity

  7. Families' Contributions

  8. Respect for Teachers and Teaching

  9. Creativity

  10. Teaching for Understanding




"North Oakland Community Charter School is a public charter school dedicated to helping children become thoughtful, informed, and inquisitive citizens."

NOCCS is a vibrant, diverse learning community driven by respect for each child's unique intelligence and history. The school's dynamic and challenging education approach deepens the the intellectual and social capacities of each child.



At NOCCS we believe that a collaborative environment allows all stakeholders to feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, we will work to create a school in which we nurture the holistic child through rigorous instruction and social emotional learning skills. As a result, students will be equipped to tackle academic challenges and become productive members of society.

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