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NOCCS Board of Directors

Current Board

Shaeonna Muhammad, Chair,

Larichea Smith, Secretary,

Mirela Stanke, Tresurer,

Patricia Johnson, Board Member, OUSD Board Appointee

Jimmie Brown, Head of School (ex-officio non-voting member),

Terry Davis, staff representative (non-voting member),

As a public Charter School authorized by the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), NOCCS has a board of directors made up of parents and community members that ensure the business and policies of NOCCS are conducted in public. You can learn more about the NOCCS Board of Directors and access agendas and meeting minutes via our online portal. The NOCCS Board of Directors generally meets on the third Thursday at 6 p.m. of every month (except July). And the Executive Committee generally meets on the first Thursday at 4 p.m of every month (also except July). 

Recent Policies and Public Documents:

Pre-2018 agendas and meeting minutes can be found here.

Other Policy items:

  • Jimmie Brown is the Title IX/Gender Equity Coordinator for NOCCS, and more information can be found here

  • NOCCS takes bullying prevention seriously, this is a link to a Bullying Prevention Course to help teachers enforce the policy laid out in the Student Family Handbook

  • NOCCS also takes preventing child abuse and neglect seriously, Here is information about reporting suspected abuse and/or neglect also posted at school. 

  • NOCCS works to make sure every student, staff member, and community member supporting the school is healthy. This is why we are conscious of signs of Cardiac Arrest Symptoms & Warning Signs

  • NOCCS is chartered by the Oakland Unified School District, and will give proper notice to the community should our accreditation or charter approval ever be revoked. 

  • NOCCS employee conduct with all students is governed by the NOCCS Staff handbook, which represents the NOCCS Code of Conduct

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